What My ADHD Looks Like After Being Medicated for 6 Months.

Katie McCarville
4 min readMar 4

If you haven’t read my first story on getting medicated— Here. Then I suggest you go ahead and read and come back because I’m gonna pick up right where I left off.

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When I first got medicated, it completely changed how I perceived the world. It was like putting on noise cancelling headphones during a symphony performance. It all just went quiet.

Now I’ve been on Adderall for about 6 months now, and the experience is a bit different then when I first started. After not being medicated for ADHD my whole life to being medicated (and thriving) for the past 6 months — here is a few things that I have found.

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For one, I lost 40 pounds. Which isn’t really the point of taking Adderall but it was something that I experienced and did help to make me healthier I do have to admit.

Prior to getting medicated, I had a tendency towards gluttony and not for any other reason other than I was bored. My ADHDness needed to keep me occupied so even if I was just a teeny bit hungry, I would make a full course meal just cuz.

Adderall is an appetite suppressant, and it helped me to notice how that pattern of gluttony was purely due to my ADHD. Now with my healthy eating schedule and alarm clocks, I’m eating the right amount for me.

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Another thing that I’ve noticed is an increase in stress and anxiety.

Like all uppers, Adderall can encourage anxiety. I’ve had anxiety my whole life and was pretty familiar with it, and had it (for the most part) under control before starting medication. With Adderall added into the equation I definitely feel an increase in feeling anxious throughout my day. However for me…

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