What It’s Like Reading Game of Thrones.

Katie McCarville
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Every is bad, you’re not really rooting for anyone, and you’re always a little stressed.

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When I get into a new series I go all in. I just finished reading every Game of Thrones in A Song of Ice and Fire, the prequel Fire and Blood, and the novella, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. Here are some my thoughts.

  1. Everyone is bad. This isn’t your typical story of heroes who are good and just, these characters are messy and imperfect. Even Daenarys — who has sort of been set up to be perfect and special, is messy and is making unwise decisions. It’s frustrating to not really have anyone to root for. This isn’t a series you read to feel good, but it’s also not a series I could put down.
  2. Its complicated. This is the kind of epic story and world where the author kind of relies on super fans to be able to digest and simplify some of the complexities he’s got going on in his world. In my opinion, the names are what trip me up the most, there are so many characters that are all moving simulataniously and intertwining. Not even just the main characters although there a lot of those, the secondary characters are also imporant. It’s a lot to keep track of. This isn’t a simple series, you have to pay attention.
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3. It is very graphic. From sex scenes to torture scenes, you will be getting a full picture. On one hand, it’s sort of refreshing because you never really see that much detail in other books, but on the other hand it is obviously extrememly groteseque at times and very hard to read. Pro tip, don’t listen to the audio book around family, or even friends actually.

4. It is one of the greatest and most epic stories of our time. The vastness of this world that has been completely created by George R. R. Martin would only really be challenged by that of the likes of Tolkien. There are foreign lands, strange cities, and back stories and culture to fit it all. The fantasy element, the political elements, the human elements, the cultural elements, it all fits into this epic story. It’s hard for me to convey just how engrossing this entire new world is, how captivating. George R. R. Martin is one of the greatest writers of our time, and A Game of Thrones is his masterpiece.

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