What Does “Being in Receiver Energy” Look Like?

Katie McCarville
5 min readAug 11

You’ve asked the Universe for help, but you’re not willing to accept it?

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It can be hard to accept help. Especially if you’ve had to do everything on your own for so long. Changing the way your brain works is a weird process, but if you really wanna live in abundance and manifest your dream life to you, you have to be willing to calm down and receive.

But what does that look like? Where do you start?

I’ve compiled a short list that has helped me the past few weeks change my mentality from being anxious and hyper independent, to calm and open to receiving the love and abundance of the universe. These are just a few, but I hope that some could find them helpful.

Photo by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash

(1.) You need to calm the fuck down.

  • You need to be in your body and live in the moment. Literally go and walk around barefoot in the woods. Breathe in out and deeply. Experience reality in your body not just your head.

(2.) Live in the moment and experience each thing you do with your full attention.

  • This can be hard if you have ADHD like me and you’re constantly looking for that next dopamine hit. I feel like Im always playing music or have a video or show on in the background to distract me. Knock that shit off. Experience everything you do with your full attention. You can’t half-ass your whole life, you’ve got to whole-ass it. Turn the distractions off, and fully live in the moment and experience it to the fullest.

(3.) Do things based on how your body feels, not what you think would be best for you to do in that moment.

  • I always have this unnecessary sense of urgency that I must fill every part of day with something productive. (Whatever that even means).I get so lost in whatever it is I think I need to do that I don’t even know how my body is feeling or what she is needing in this moment. I can get really stuck living in my head that I forget that I live in a body. Life is a balancing act. Learn to balance your mind with your body.
Katie McCarville

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