The Time I Started Blog During the Pandemic and What Happened After.

So obviously the world went through (and still is) a whole ass pandemic that caused the world to shut down for several months all the way back in 2020. During that time I busied myself with making probably the worst blog ever. BUT it did actually bring in some income and was obviously a huge learning experience for the next time I start a blog. (Which hopefully will be soon).

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I don’t even wanna name my blog in this article cuz its embarrassing and I'm pretty sure it’s still live and you could probably still find it. So just take it from me, it was a learning experience.

Here’s a few things I would do differently.

For one, you need to determine if your blog is going to be just personal for you, like a diary entry, or a way to keep your family updated. Or are you creating a for-profit website that can generate you income?

When starting out, I kind of toed the line between the both of these and it just doesn’t work well. You need to be decisive, clear and direct. On top of that, if you’ve decided to do a for-profit blog, (which Im assuming most of you would be), you need to have a clear niche that you’re an expert in.

When I started, I wrote on a variety of just about everything that interested me, but that doesn’t generate views or advertisements to your site. You need to have consistency in one area. This also helps with SEO and getting your site on the first page on google searches.

Another thing I messed up on is choosing Google Blogger as my host platform. If you want a profitable blog, do not go with Blogger. Go with WordPress and ensure that you own your own domain and site (there are a lot to choose from). This goes a long way later on when your blog has an audience and you can partner with advertising companies to show ads on your site. The good ones won’t work with you if you don’t own your site.

Next, I would have more patience this time around. Growing a blog, takes time, and in this age of instant viralism it’s easy to get your head in the clouds and think that you’re blog is gonna go viral overnight. It doesn’t really happen like this and just like with anything, good things take time.

On many occasions I pushed out half-thought out articles because I wanted to reach a deadline and get more posts up on my blog. However I failed to realize that people don’t read blogs on a schedule. You can take your time and post quality pieces. Don’t rush it and only put out pieces out that you’re proud of.

Lastly, I would be a bit more cautious of who and where I advertise my blog. Facebook groups are okay, and do generate a good amount of views but do you really just want views or do you want people to care about and think about your work? My mindset on this has completely shifted. Now, I would advertise my blog all differetly because I believe its not really about chasing down people to give you attention, its about attracting it to you. Having a good blog with good, thought out, well-written pieces will do the advertising on its own. You don’t need to be chasing that next view so much. Just worry about the work you put in and the results will come.

All in all, I would say my first pandemic-attempt at running a profitable blog was a success. Not in the money making aspect (lol) but in that it taught me a lot that has set me up for the next one. Overall, I think the biggest lesson to come out of this whole experience is that good things take time. Don’t rush. Do what you love and the money will come.

And if you’re wondering what ever happened to that blog I stared over the pandemic. The answer is, it’s still live (I think?). I just haven’t posted on it in months. The last time I checked I was still getting around 20 views a day but again I haven’t even looked at it in a really long time. So there, now you’re not wondering anymore.

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