Poor people have been gaslit into thinking that it’s their fault they’re poor.

Back in the day it wasn’t unreasonable for a cashier to be able to afford to buy a house. Today, there’s about a billion advice articles telling poor people to skip out on simple pleasures because they’re not a necessity.

(Source: canva)

“7 ways to stop your irresponsible spending,” etc. You get the picture. But why?Why is it a bad thing to spend your own money? Why are we being shamed for this? “You bought something you can barely afford? ( a 7 dollar latte) How dare you!?”

Why aren’t we more mad that spending $7 is unaffordable now? Let’s be mad at the people that made it so buying a coffee is a luxury few are able to afford.

Why shouldn’t we be able to afford all of the beautiful and wonderful things in life? Why do some people (billionaires) get to live like Gods on this earth when the rest of us get to just scrape by and not even buy ourselves something nice?

“Irresponsible spending”, what does that even mean? You bought something because you wanted to have it? That doesn’t seem irresponsible to me. Seems like you are literally just a person living a normal life. What else are we supposed to do? Only spend our money on bills and necessities and hoard the rest? Our only purpose in life is to pay bills and not have any pleasures?

I guess I just don’t believe in limitations. Why not? Why can’t you have those things? Why are some people able to buy whatever they want, whenever they want but because you weren’t born rich you can’t. How come you need to work full time and not enjoy any of the fruits of your labor?

You see, it’s you obviously, ✋🏼🙄 . You’re the one that’s the problem. You spent your money on lattes or whatever so its your fault you’re poor. Seems a little gaslight-y to me. Maybe we should all just get paid enough to live a comfortable life. How about that?

Be honest, am I being too much of a dreamer by saying you should be able to live a comfortable life in any job you choose? Rich people are really out of touch. 15 an hour isn’t even the livable wage anymore. That number is from 10 years ago. When you factor in inflation, the new livable hourly wage is around 25. Are we wrong for feeling entitled to living comfortably and happily?

“Go to school. Get a better job.” I know so many people who went to culinary school to become chefs. Thats their career. That they went to school for. That they have a specialized expertise in. And they’re not making nearly enough to live. Make it make sense??

This shit just seems really unfair. I don’t wanna play this game anymore. If that means barely scraping by (or not all) fine. Im just not gonna be scammed out of my labor anymore. I feel like we’re all living in Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle.

It’s not that I’m lazy and don’t want to work. I just don’t wanna work for the bare minimum. We need enough to live. We should be able to live.



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