Are You Passionate About What You Do? Or Are You Just Gifted At It?

A very good friend of mine, from a very young age, was always an extremely talented athlete. I’m talking like state-winner, all star, kind of talented. She always used to think that she was passionate about what she did, but now that we’re older, she confesses, that it turns out she wasn’t really that passionate about it at all. She was just really good at it.

Photo by Cortney White on Unsplash

It got me thinking. We’re all just trying to find our way in this world and I like to think that most people try and pursue their passions in life. Are you passionate about what you do? Or are you just really gifted at it and so you think it’s your passion?

For example, you could be an extremely talented guitar player or artist, but are you really passionate about it or are you just talented? Your passion could be something that you’re really bad at.

It’s important for us to ask ourselves these questions. Self-awareness doesn’t just come naturally.

We all need to take a good look in the mirror sometimes.

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Kathryn McCarville

Kathryn McCarville

I’m really just at the mercy of my own perspective. Instagram — @katie_mccarv