Paris is Overrated and We Need to Talk About it.

You read that title right. Paris is dirty, disgusting and smells like garbage. If anyone tells you differently, they’re either lying because they waisted their vacation money on Paris, or they only got to see the nice old parts of Paris.

(Source: Canva)

Listen, Paris is an extremely cool, ancient city. It’s worthy of a stop on your journey, I’ll give you that. The thing is, it seems like nobody talks about how gross it is.

If you’ve been to New York you have a taste of what Paris is like. Although I would make the argument that Paris is dirtier. It’s far older for one, and it’s also true what they say, Paris smells like BO and piss.

There’s parts for sure, that’s beautiful and romantic, yes. That’s only a small percent of this huge, ancient city. When I first got off the sky-bus in Paris, I was so excited to step out into this beautiful romantic city. Ya wanna know what the first thing I saw was?

Highways lined with trash…. for miles…

and miles…

The stench also hits you like a wall the second you step outside. It’s like if someone filled a New York subway station with moist garbage and peed on it. Really romantic right?

I feel like that’s partially the reason why people are so rude there. They have to have this stench in their noses all day. Who wouldn’t be a little angry after having to deal with that?

The Parisians are proud and have no patience. Just leave them be it’s the best thing for the both of you.

The Eiffel Tower. Oh boy let’s get into that one. Honestly? It’s in one of the nicer-smelling parts of the city. Mostly clean I’d say although it was a little weird to see 19 year olds in red berets walking around with machine guns.

Also the Tower gets bomb threats literally every 20 minutes. So if you’re on the tower when they get a threat, everyone has to evacuate and run down the stairs which are in the legs of the structure. I happened to not be in the tower when that happened. So I got to watch everyone who was, BOOK it down the legs. It looked like a stream or something. Kinda cool to be honest.

Here’s the thing. I think you should go to Paris. If you’re an avid traveller, it’s definitely a place you have to see. There’s so much culture and art to experience. It’s truly like nowhere else I’ve been. Just don’t expect the Paris you’ve been sold. I will admit, that when I went there for the first time when I was 17 so I was definitely naive about going to ~Paris~. I really thought it was gonna be something out of a romance movie or something. Just know, it’s a city just like every other city. Beautiful and intriguing in its’ own unique way. I honestly wouldn’t change Paris for the world. Even with all the dirt and trash. I guess it kind of ads to its’ charm. That’s just what Paris is, and she can come as she is.

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