Money Comes to Me All the Time.

Katie McCarville
2 min readApr 5

Your brain literally can’t tell the difference between its’ thoughts and reality. What you think you literally are. That’s why affirmations are so important. Whether you believe in the Law of Attraction in a spiritual sense or just think it’s all a Placebo Effect, you would be correct.

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Every so often, I like to do a post of new affirmations that I’ve come up with. It’s really crazy to me how many people don’t utilize this practice. It can be hard to get started, hopefully this makes it easier. ♡

  • Money comes to me all the time.
  • Why am I so magnetic?
  • Why am I so abundant?
  • Why am I so beautiful and graceful?
  • I am deeply loved and adored.
  • Everything is always working out for me.
  • Good things are always happening to me.
  • I am a very lucky girl.
  • My life is easy and abundant.
  • My body is fit and healthy.
  • I eat nourishing foods that make me feel good.
  • Money just falls into my lap repeatedly.
  • Everyone likes me.
  • I am so attractive.
  • Everything that I desire also desires me.

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