Let’s Talk about Tik Tok Tarot Readers.

Please tell me I am not the only one with my FYP full to the brim of these Tarot readers. They’re everywhere. They’re constant. And they all seem to say the same thing. Your ex is coming back.

(Source: Canva)

To be fair, I’m speaking about a very specific type of Tarot reader. The ones that are just out here to get the views, the clicks, and the likes. The ones that always say a variation of the same thing. Your ex is coming back, they have an offer for you, they were scared but they’re not anymore… etc. etc…

And ya know what? It really takes away from the real Tarot readers that are giving genuine readings and advice.

I love Tarot. I love the occult, and I believe that you can get the guidance and reassurance that you need from these tools. I don’t like when people use these sacred tools as a way to hook desperate people in for their own selfish gain.

Receiving guidance isn’t always fun. Tarot is not gonna tell you want you want to hear, but what you need to hear. Love and guidance isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. A translator always makes decisions and a reader sometimes need to choose their words carefully.

If you’re always getting constantly positive messages, they’re lying to you. Giving as well as receiving messages requires a certain amount of intuition that is learned. Don’t trust everything you see. And don’t comment, like, and share if they tell you that’s how you claim the message. If I message is for you, you won’t have to do anything, I promise.

That’s all, stay safe out there, and trust your gut kids.

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Kathryn McCarville

Kathryn McCarville

I’m really just at the mercy of my own perspective. Instagram — @katie_mccarv