Let’s Talk About Sex and the City

Hi, I am currently 25 years old and watching the entire Sex and the City show from start to finish AND the 2 movies. I am currently on season 2, and I have some thoughts that I just need to put on the internet.

The cast of ‘Sex and the City’ | Paramount Pictures

Listen, I know the shows been out for like 24 years and everything that probably needs to be said about them has already been said but it’s my first time watching this and I need to throw my 2 cents in.

To be completely fair, I have seen all of season 1, I’m a few episodes in on Season 2 and I’ve already seen both movies (although I would probably need a refresher tbh).

But what I can tell you by what I have seen is this

Samantha Jones carries the show. I love her and Im obsessed with her. She’s confident, self-assured, and knows what she wants. She isn’t ashamed to be who she is. When going around the circle, the friends are saying what features they’d trade and Samantha doesn’t have any. She likes the way she looks. She’s hot and she knows it. By far my favorite character.

Charlotte York is just okay for me. I don’t hate her or love her, I really don’t have a good opinion on her but she’s cute I’ll keep her.

Miranda Hobbes is a badass lawyer lady but what’s going on between her and Skipper? This guy is in love with her and she’s just whatever about it. I like them together though, I think it’s a cute pair.

Mr. Big and Carrie’s relationship is so toxic I just can’t even. It’s the classic case of an avoidant attachment style (Mr. Big) and an anxious attachment style (Carrie) and it really romanticizes a very unhealthy relationship. Carrie already has it all, a good career, solid friends, and a life that she’s happy with. Mr. Big doesn’t bring anything to the table that improves her life. SPOILER he also leaves her at the altar in the movie? Like wtf? Then they get back together?? They ALWAYS get back together, like cmon. This isn’t healthy or romantic, this is just sad, and a problem.

The City Itself is just beautiful. I love New York City, I could talk about it all day. I love seeing it on the screen and the characters interacting within it. I just love it. So I’ll keep watching.

It’s a little (a lot) Sexist. Now hear me out, I’m not that far along, I get it, but I am a sex positive feminist and it urks me that on many occasions (all the time) they do or say something thats just…. not it. Like the scene in season 2 when Miranda is really big on sexy talk with this guy and says something to him like how he likes a finger in his ass. He reacts poorly to this and when she tells her friends what happened, they say to never bring it up to men about them liking in the butt because it emasculates them. Now I think that’s just dumb and weird. If you like a finger in your ass you like a finger in your ass. Why are men fragile about this in the show? Why is it emasculating for them to like that? Why would that be a bad thing? I just don’t really like what its insinuating and I don’t like watching something that promotes this toxic masculinity. Heterosexual men can like it up the butt, it’s okay. I love a good sex positive feminist male character and I know this came out in the 90s and it’s a different time but like… I gotta say I dislike the toxic masculinity and adherence to the patriarchy that it portrays.

There’s probably a billion sexist things that they do in the show that I could bitch about but, I think I got my point across that I’m not a fan of it. With all that being said, that pretty much sum up my thoughts on the show so far. Will I be back when I’m done to bitch some more about how sexist it is? Abso-fuckin-lutely.

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