Is success a matter of perception or something real and tangible?

Quick Q, would you rather everyone believe that you are immensely successful and rich while you are actually borderline destitute, OR would you rather be actually rich and have everyone think that you’re a poor loser?

Think about it. Answer honestly. What matters more to you?

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I feel that for many people becoming actually successful isn’t even the goal it’s to be perceived as successful. Like we’re all trying to prove ourselves to each other. It’s all about perception.

Even in terms of psychology, (not that I’m a psychologist so take this with a grain of salt) perception is all that really matter. For example the perception that abuse happened is all that it takes to trigger the brain into an abuse response. For example abandonment issues, you don’t need to be actually abandoned in order to have these issues, the perception of being abandoned is all that you need. The brain is just weird like that.

I think it goes the same way in a personal perspective. I don’t think you need to be “actually” “successful” (whatever that means) in order to perceive yourself as successful and to be happy with yourself.

We’re all lying to ourselves about who we are anyway so it makes perfect sense that we would lie about how successful we actually are. (I also don’t think lying is also necessarily a bad thing either. Fake it until you make right?)

I think it comes down to we care too much about the opinions of others. I’ve written about this before, but you have nothing to prove to anybody. You have always been worthy. I think it’s just interesting to question how much perception really matters to us and to ourselves.

Our perception of ourselves is really all that matters. I think we get all caught up in “success” and “making it” but what’s wrong with the step your on? Also success looks different to everyone. You have no idea what’s going on in other peoples lives. Let’s all mind our business. How about that.

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