I Have So Many Thoughts And Opinions But When I Sit Down To Write Them Out On Medium They’re 🤯

I blame it on the ADHD executive dysfunction and it’s actually really annoying.

Katie McCarville
2 min readNov 5, 2022


we got so many kids with these scarecrows 😂

I feel like all day everyday — since I work from home, I am constantly having all these thoughts and opinions floatin around in my head that I am always putting up on my Insta stories just to get them out of my head and to interact with my buddies.

Seriously, so many. My Insta stories are about a mile long.

Honestly…? It’s a really good platform for me to express myself.

But what I really want in life, is to be a true writer/blogger/artist/fashion icon💅etc. But when I sit down to dive into any of these various, (and strong) opinions on Medium, I am suddenly head empty no thoughts.

I have to admit there’s really no point to this article than for me to just get out what is in my head right at this moment.

Just had another thought. It’s actually really self-centered for bloggers/vloggers/lifestyle content creators to think that people are interested in what they have to think.

Or…. is it just a healthy dose of self-esteem? Where is the line between self-centeredness and healthy self-esteem?

I feel like my thoughts and opinions are important, why wouldn’t other people? My friends on Instagram seem to be interested in my thoughts….

Maybe it’s not about other people caring about your thoughts and it’s really just about you choosing to share and express yourself even if no one else is watching…?

I’ll go with that take.

thanks for reading 🥰



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