Beach Body, as a Phrase, Can Fuck Itself Right Off.

Conventional beauty is made up and literally does not exist.

Photo by Dom Hill on Unsplash

“Conventional beauty,” is filed in my brain under, “things that are weird when you think about it,” right next to marriage. Could you imagine back in the day when humans didn’t have any kind of media so beauty was, (as it should be) subjective to those perceiving it.

Could you imagine not having any “beauty standards” to be un-consensually compared to? As in, it’s not a thing in your brain at all. Can you imagine it? Imagine it right now.

Live in that for one second.

Now compare that, to what we have going on right now.

What is going on?

Since I’ve grown out of thinking of conventional beauty as the only beauty there is, conventional beauty standards are so weird to me. Media and marketing have programmed us into thinking there is only one type of beauty, and if you are not that, than you should desire to become more like it. But if you stop and think about it what is actually beautiful to you?

Since it’s summer, I just wanted to say that beach body as a phrase can fuck itself right off. We humans — just like any other animal, are independent individuals that are all built differently. The variation of our bodies is by design. It’s one of the reasons that our species was even able to survive and thrive. Our individuality should be celebrated and encouraged.

Photo by Mike Von on Unsplash

Humans are artistic, creative, and strange. Our dress should reflect these traits. However, abhorrent social institutions such as the patriarchy, capitalism, and other complex factors have lead us to this bizarre place where individuality is not encouraged.

It’s taught women that our only value comes from being desired and getting attention from men. It’s why women see other women as “competition.” It’s why the “cool girl” trope exists. It’s why we’re taught to hate our bodies.

The good thing is, society is always changing. A huge shift has been taking place just within the past decade. Feminism wave is here and has only been growing stronger and stronger. Women (and men) are getting educated about how harmful the patriarchy really is to everyone. The LGBTQ+ community is a part of the day to day. Talks on gender and fluidity are happening. Pronouns and gender expression are becoming more and more common place.

While there is certainly challenges, — and change never happens quickly, I believe that we are in fact moving (slowly) in the right direction.

Photo by Natalie Hua on Unsplash

Beauty ≠ worthiness. They’re not even in the same room. You have nothing to prove. You have always been worthy.

A body on a beach, is a beach body. Beauty is made up. Fashion is about expression. Wear whatever you want whenever you want to. The best thing about you, is that you are you. I encourage you to express yourself as far and as widely as possible.

After all, we are all just on a mote of dust, floating in space.

Your perception of yourself is all that has ever really mattered. Go forth accordingly.

“Earthrise” — Captured by William Anders

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Kathryn McCarville

Kathryn McCarville

I’m really just at the mercy of my own perspective. Instagram — @katie_mccarv