Advice I wish I would have gotten before I road tripped alone in my 20s

About a year ago I got a job on an island off the coast of Washington State. I live in Iowa, so I decided to drive out there and stop and see a few friends on the way. This would my advice to my past self.

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  1. Don’t Over Prep. — I have anxiety. And I know that making detailed plans and lists can help ease that stress but it doesn’t really make sense when you’re actually out there on it. Low-key you could totally just wing it and you would be totally fine.
  2. You are capable of more than you think. — You can totally drive more than 10 hours in a day if you’re really motivated. I drove 18 hours in a day once. The last few hours aren’t that fun, but if you’re driving through nowhere land, just keep going. You can handle it, I promise.
  3. Sleeping in your car is actually pretty okay. — I was a woman traveling alone so sleeping in my car really freaked me out but it ended up being not that bad at all. I just parked in a well lit, hotel parking lot and used their bathrooms in the morning. No one is going to question an out-of-state license plate at a hotel and you just walk with a purpose when you go in in the morning. Sometimes you can even get a free coffee and breakfast. I showered at Planet Fitnesses, and used laundry mats when I needed to. It’s not super comfortable, but that’s not really the point.
  4. Don’t focus so much on getting to your destination and just relax and enjoy the ride.-I know it’s so cheesy and has been said before a million times but its true. I love driving, and exploring new places. Driving for hours listening to podcast after podcast or my favorite songs is really just whats this all about. I wish I had an excuse to do it again. It was probably one of my top highlights of 2021.
  5. Be okay with doing things alone.-I am introverted person, BUT my anxiety makes it hard to things by myself sometimes. You just have to get over it and do it. You are the one holding yourself back. Be careful, stay vigilant, but go and do the things you want to do. Even if you’re alone.
  6. Take Pictures or journal.-I know you think that these are memories that you’ll never forget but believe me you will. So take pictures or keep a journal or both. You’re gonna wanna document this time to look back on. It’s worth it.

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Kathryn McCarville

Kathryn McCarville

I’m really just at the mercy of my own perspective. Instagram — @katie_mccarv