Chances are if you looked this article up you’re probably planning on attending Iowa State University (great choice btw) or you’re planning on visiting this wonderful city and wondering what this place has to offer in terms of entertainment.

Well there’s a lot, and honestly Ames is a super underrated city.

(Disclaimer: Things are super weird right now cuz of Rona so some of these things might not be open or have reduced hours. Rona’s been here for a while so you know the drill. Just keep that in mind with these businesses/events.)

(Photo cred: My Aunt 💛)

What I…

In May of 2017, when I was 20, I went on a study abroad trip to Stockholm, Sweden.

(Photo by Me 💖taken in Gamla Stan)

I was there to learn about leadership studies but I really just went because I wanted to travel and see the world and Sweden seemed super cool.

and it was…

Looking back at my college days I wonder why I ever thought it was a good idea to join a sorority. I dunno yall, I think I just wanted to fit in somewhere? I really dunno.

If I could do it all over again I’m not sure if I would. Or at least I would probably do things a lot differently.

To be completely honest it is kind of a rich person thing to do. …

Howdy yall, I’ve had a little something on my mind and just wanted to write a little somthin on it. It makes absolutely NO sense for there to be societal pressure on women to shave their body hair. And to be clear, if you wanna shave your body hair thats cool, do whatever you want its your body. My issue is specifically with the societal pressure to conform to a made up standard without even knowing why we’re doing it.

As soon as my leg hair started growing I was taught to shave it off. But no one ever told…

Katie McCarville

I am a witch, writer, story teller and activist. I run the blog Ancient Erudition and I am currently traveling the United States.

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